UW Health Senior Preferred Elite and Elite D members can be reimbursed for the following wellness activities.

  • Cooking Classes
    • Up to $25 per quarter
    • One cooking class per quarter, led by a registered dietician (RD) at a UW Health location   
    • You can view eligible cooking classes at the  UW Health Learning Kitchen webpage (by clicking this link you will leave the Senior Preferred website).
  • Fitness Facility Membership Dues 
    • Up to $30 per month
    • Monthly membership dues at a participating fitness facility

Participating facilities include:    

UW Health Research Park Clinic (fitness facility memberships)
621 Science Drive, Madison, WI 53711
Phone: (608) 265-8303

UW Health at the American Center (monthly pool membership only)
4602 Eastpark Blvd.
Madison, WI 53718
Phone: (608) 440-6400

Requesting Reimbursement

To request reimbursement for these activities, please complete the Wellness Reimbursement Form and include proof of payment or receipt.

Submit the form by mail or fax to:

Senior Preferred (HMO)
840 Carolina Street
Sauk City, WI 53583

Fax: (608) 643-2564

Reimbursement forms must be filed within 12 months of the date of payment to be eligible for reimbursement.  Forms submitted without the necessary information and/or proof of payment will be returned. Monthly submissions will be processed and reimbursed on a monthly basis depending on eligible dates of coverage. Please allow 30 days for each reimbursement request to be processed. 

Pre-payments of extended fitness memberships will be reimbursed monthly upon determination of member eligibility. You do not need to submit monthly receipts in this case. For example, if you paid for January, February, and March and submit proof of payment for all three months in January, disbursement will occur separately after each of those months if you stay eligible on the plan. If you submit proof of payment for all three months at the end of March and have been eligible through those months, we will reimburse all at once. 

Additional Information

If you have questions, please refer to your Elite or Elite D Evidence of Coverage (EOC). You can review your EOC here. Please note, this benefit is not available to Senior Preferred Value or Value D members. If you have questions, please contact Customer Service.


This webpage was updated on January 1, 2019.