Complex Case Management

What is Complex Case Management?
Complex Case Management is the coordination of care, services and resources for members who have complex medical and social needs.

How does Complex Case Management work? 

The Complex Case Management team includes Registered Nurse and Social Work Case Managers. The team works closely with you and your patients to guide them through medical and community resources to make sure they get the best care possible. The case management staff will assist the patients in setting personal goals and creating a plan that will enhance the quality of life. This program is free for health plan members.

    Who might benefit?

    • Members who have more than one serious health problem such as diabetes, heart failure, COPD and/or behavioral health concerns
    • Members who have had several emergency room visits or hospital stays in a short period of time

    Who to Contact

    If you are interested in Complex Case Management services, you can call (866) 884-4601. Benefits are subject to health plan terms.

    Disease Management 

    Senior Preferred also offers disease management programs to members with diabetes, asthma and /or heart failure. These programs offer support and education to members who have these conditions. A registered nurse works with each program. We send information in the mail and are available to members by phone. This program is voluntary and members can call anytime to opt out.

    If you would like to enroll a patient in a disease management program, you can reach the disease management coordinator at (866) 884-4601.


    This webpage was last updated April 11, 2018.

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