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Ways to Keep Your Brain Healthy and Lower Your Alzheimer's Risk

June 30, 2019

Your brain is one of the most important organs you have. Keeping your brain healthy means you can help reduce age-related decline in your memory, thinking and reasoning, as well as diseases such as Alzheimer's.

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Falling Back: Staying On Track When Daylight Savings Time Ends

September 20, 2019

In the fall, we turn our clocks back an hour to mark the end of daylight savings time. This year, it's Sunday, November 3.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Preventing Fatal Falls While Living in the Midwest 

July 15, 2019

Here's an eye-opening statistic: In Wisconsin, deaths from falls outnumber deaths from breast and prostate cancer combined. Wisconsin recorded 1,383 deadly falls in 2017 alone within its elderly population.


5 Places You May Forget to Put Sunscreen

July 05, 2019

Yikes! You cover your entire body with sunscreen and head out for some summer fun only to find you missed a spot- and now its sunburned. Check out these helpful tips to stay safe in the sun!

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